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Skoda Citigo, 2013

  •  Skoda Citigo, 2013

Škoda is continuing its growth offensive by introducing its seventh model line. Citigo is the name of Škoda's new small vehicle. The brand's new model will make its debut in its domestic market, the Czech Republic, before the end of this year, with other European countries following at the beginning of summer 2012. With this 3.56-metre-long vehicle, the Czech-based car maker is extending its product portfolio and entering the small vehicle segment (A00). Offering maximum utilisation of space and four seats for passengers, the Škoda Citigo will be launched as a three-door, with a five-door version to come in 2012.

With the Citigo, Škoda is targeting a new customer segment. "The demand for small cars with low fuel consumption, at a favourable price and with reasonable operating costs, is growing," continues Prof. Vahland. "Škoda's new small vehicle is a reaction to this trend. We are entering new ground and the Škoda Citigo will attract prospects mainly in our European markets."

The design of Škoda's new city car includes many elements typical of all its vehicles. The designers managed to give the car a distinct look that declares at first glance: this is the new Škoda. The finned grille set in a chrome-plated frame and precisely shaped headlamps give the car the typical Škoda look. The designers have done a fantastic job on the rest of the car's body - 3.56 metres long, 1.65 metres wide and 1.48 metres high, the Škoda Citigo is one of the smallest vehicles in its segment.

The key target groups are young drivers, young families with young children looking to get themselves a second or even third car, and also 'best agers', i.e. customers who are rather cost-sensitive and have a rational approach to cars on one hand but high demands for quality, design and safety on the other. The Škoda Citigo is a perfect mix of these properties. Depending on market demands, up to four trim options will be available: Easy, Active, Ambition and Elegance.

In line with its motto 'City Clever', the Škoda Citigo is an ideal car in and out of the city. It offers surprisingly generous interior space, a thing that is not taken for granted in the small vehicle segment, but is typical for Škoda models. The car's long wheel base - 2.42 metres - provides enough comfort for four passengers even on long trips. The volume of the luggage compartment is 251 litres and can be extended to 951 litres by folding down the rear seats.

The Škoda Citigo's interior offers space, quality and precision, thanks to the clear and transparent arrangement of all elements as well as the two-colour dashboard in higher trim levels. The front headrests are integrated into the seats, as well as a number of other smart solutions, make the new Citigo a 'simply clever vehicle' à la Škoda. The interior design includes numerous storage compartments, cup holders and multimedia systems, as well as storage pockets on the sides of the front seats. In addition, a special handbag hook integrated in to the glovebox opening mechanism, and a photograph holder on the central console, are two clever interior elements. In the luggage compartment a pop-out storage rack can be locked in its top position, and a set of nets prevents loose objects from sliding around.

The vehicle boasts a number of solutions to provide overall comfort. In the three-door version, the 'Easy Entry' system allows easy access to the rear seats. The front passenger's seat can be moved and folded forward to ensure easy access to the rear seats.

The Škoda Citigo places great emphasis on safety. For the first time in a Škoda vehicle, the designers have used a Head-Thorax side airbag to protect the heads of both the driver and the front seat passenger. Along with a number of other items, this system is part of a safety package that is impressive for this segment. In addition, active safety is enhanced by the 'City Safe Drive', a new brake assistance system based on a laser sensor that is activated automatically at speeds below 30 km/h to identify a danger of collision. Depending on the speed and the traffic situation, this automatic braking solution may completely prevent a collision or at least reduce its seriousness. The risk of bumping into the car ahead is thus reduced significantly in city traffic. Along with the Volkswagen up!, the Škoda Citigo is currently the only car in the small vehicle segment to offer the emergency braking functionality.

Two new, three-cylinder 1.0-litre petrol engines will be available after the Škoda Citigo's launch (44 kW/60 HP and 55 kW/75 HP). The engines and the transmission have been designed to provide optimum economy in cities and their surroundings. Reaching the operating temperature even on short distances, the engines are highly economical. The highly economical Green tec version offers an average consumption of 4.2 l/100km and 4.3 l/100km respectively; with emissions of 97 g and 99 g CO2/km respectively. The fuel consumption and emission levels are indeed low - 4.5 l/100 km and 105 g CO2/km with the 44 kW engine and 4.7 l/100 km and 108 g CO2/km with the 55 kW unit.

Despite their low volumes, the engines reach high torque at low noise levels. The 1.0 MPI engine is used as the platform for alternative-fuel units, such as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). CO2 output of this version will be from 79 g/km. Besides the manual transmission that is available from launch, Škoda will offer a five-speed automatic transmission in 2012 as an alternative to make this new small vehicle even more comfortable.

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