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Zagato Perana Z-One, 2009

Zagato Perana Z-One, 2009

The sports car Zagato Perana Z-One signals the first collaboration of the Milanese Coachbuilders with a South African Vehicle Manufacturer: Perana Performance Group.

The Perana project is the result of Zagato's 90 year-long expertise in constructing fully functional running concepts. Virtual reality development has been integrated from inception, effectively eliminating the need for the traditional styling model and enabling the prototype to be completed in less than 4 months by the South African team.

Design Concept
As the latest descendant of the Zagato sports car family, Z-one is designed with full blooded Zagato form language.

Reflecting this pure passion from this brand new sports car specialist, the proportion and volume of Z-one is even tighter than usual sports car styling, accentuated by couple of long and dynamic curves with keen edge which visually integrate some important design features like the air out-lets. Surfaces defined by those cutting edges are even more sculptured maintaining the modern Zagato line which we have been developing for a decade.

Complying with Euro 4 emission legislation, this value proposition is expected to be launched at the introductory price of under 50.000 Euros, before taxes - an irresistible and highly competitive offer.

Technical Development

From the innovative tubular and box section chassis to the exciting interior styling, the Zagato Perana Z-One is a concentration of advanced design and engineering. Fully certifiable for the road, this ultra high-performance, front engined sports coupé uses a powerful 6.2 litre V8 engine that drives the rear wheels. This genuine 2-seater coupé, enjoys the benefits of almost 50/50 weight distribution allowing for exhilarating, balanced and predictable road manners.

Specification Sheet
* Dimension
o Curb Weight: 1195 kg
o Weight Distribution
+ Front: 50%
+ Rear: 50%
o Wheelbase: 2540 mm
o Track
+ Front: 1627 mm
+ Rear: 1570 mm
o Length: 4406 mm
o Height: 1233 mm
o Width: 1924 mm
o Seating Capacity: 2
* Engine
o Configuration: V8, All Aluminium
o Displacement: 6200 cc
o Power: 328 kW
o Torque: 583 Nm
o Max. rpm: 6600 rpm
o Fuel Delivery: Fuel Injection. Electronic, Sequential Port.
o Compression Ratio: 10.7: 1
* Drive train
o Gearbox: 6 speed manual
o Differential: ZF Limited Slip
* Wheels: Perana / Zagato
o Front: 18 x 10J
o Rear: 19 x 12J
* Tyres: Michelin PS2
o Front: 275/35 ZR18
o Rear: 345/30 ZR19
* Chassis
o Layout: Front/Mid Engine, RWD
o Frame: Steel Tube Space Frame
o Body: Vinyl-Ester/Glass Composite
* Brakes
o Front: 325mm
o Rear: 305mm
o Assist type: Vacuum
* Steering: ZF Power Assist
* Suspension
o Front: Unequal Length A-arms, Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, Anti-roll bar
o Rear: Unequal length A-arms, Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, Anti-roll bar
* Fuel Capacity: 85 litres
* Performance
o Power/weight ratio: 328 hp (240 kW)/tonne
o 0-100km/h: <4>


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