Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buick Park Avenue Ultra, 2003

Buick Park Avenue Ultra 2003

Buick Park Avenue Ultra 2003

The Park Avenue was Buick's flagship sedan. The Buick Park Avenue Ultra luxury sedan featured a more powerful 205-240 hp supercharged V6 that became standard in 1992 versus the regular 170-205 hp V6.

An updated Park Avenue was released in 1997. Riding on the Buick Riviera's G-body, it was stronger and more substantial than its predecessor. New generations of the 3800 engine continued as the only powerplant, and the Park Avenue continued with minor updates since this date. The Park Avenue was discontinued for 2006 and replaced by the Buick Lucerne. The Lucerne also replaces the nearly identical but smaller Buick LeSabre.

Prices for the Park Avenue was ranged from $34,705 for the regular Park Avenue and $39,225 for the Ultra luxury trim.


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